• “OPEN AI IS THE BIGGEST THREAT IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.  Artificial General Intelligence is effectively a machine that can do nearly anything any human can do: anything mental, and through robots, anything physical. This includes deciding what it wants to do and then executing it, with the thoughtfulness of a human, at the speed and precision of a machine …The moment an AI reaches a level close to AGI, it will be able to improve itself so fast that it will pass our intelligence quickly, and become extremely intelligent. Once that happens, we will reach the singularity: a moment when so many things change so fast that we can’t predict what will happen beyond that point, and the future will be completely beyond human control.” https://www.realclearscience.com/2023/11/23/openai_and_the_biggest_threat_in_the_history_of_humanity_994557.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=cf91c3d713&mc_eid=afc66dfbec
  • OUR MILITARY JOKE: Despite not being able to account for $3.8 trillion in assets, and failing a sixth audit, the Dep’t of Defense has submitted its largest ever request (after getting $150 million in 2022 and 23) to fund another $115 million for “diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility – the divisive and damaging embrace of woke ideology over military readiness, as if the terror-funding regime in Tehran cares whether its proxies firing on U.S. troops stationed in Iraq & Syria have considered ‘white guilt’ and are trained to ‘re-center marginalized voices’!”  [TOWNHALL – 11/22/23]
  • WHILE A STAGERRING 60% OF LIKELY VOTERS NATIONWIDE CONSIDER ELECTION CHEATING A PROBLEM, the House Judiciary Committee has now released emails which clearly reveal: (1) that a government-sponsored task force – the Election Integrity Project (EIP) – which “covertly stamps out public debate over Election irregularities and/or fraud, by suppressing evidence and censoring anyone who complains about election cheating; (2) that officials within Homeland Security and State Departments recruited academics at Stanford & Univ. of Washington to ‘question’ election honesty and then instruct social media companies (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to label the postings as Misinformation or take them down entirely.”  Two states are currently suing at the Supreme Court but, so far, the Administration has effectively outsourced censorship to maintain optimal control over the election process.”  [RASMUSSEN REPORTS and TOWNHALL – 11/24/23]
  • ALSO, THE U.N. COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS has called for “changes in the U.S. Constitution, demanding that our government do more to Stop and Punish Hate Speech, in order to comply with existing U.N. Rights & Principles… And the latest U.N. push is by UNESCO (its Educational, Cultural, Scientific Org) for imposition of global policies – to be required by all member governments’ regulatory agencies, civil society, businesses & platforms themselves – promoting ‘cultural diversity’ and ‘gender equality’ by targeting Misinformation/ Disinformation/ Hate Speech/ Conspiracy Theories. Examples of expression flagged to be stopped include elections, public health measures & advocacy that could constitute incitement to discrimination, with international censorship determined by ‘independent regulators who are shielded from political & economic interests.” Yeah!  [EPOCH TIMES – 11/24/23]  
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:“At the heart of wokeness is insidious self-centeredness, a spirit that says ‘I’ll define myself’ in vain defiance of nature.” Be on watch for both: The Bozone Layer – the substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating; and The Dopeler Effect – the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly

    How did America get so whacko??  https://youtu.be/TQIL7bJ51mk 

    “Brace Yourself for What’s Coming in 2024”- VICTOR DAVIS HANSON     https://youtu.be/2V6jH-6F6K0