• RECRUITING RELIABLE EMPLOYEES IS BECOMING TOUGHER AND TOUGHER. Especially with many resumes now being prepped by A.I., and despite countless lie-detection tutorials on YouTube, employers are very often deceived by resume or interview misrepresentation and flat-out lying from job candidates. Moreover, the likelihood for any negative feedback is remote – even deep background-checking with former employers in today’s liability-conscious environment, or with ‘references’ who could be anyone anywhere. DCG have decades of experience in developing effective techniques which can facilitate realistic evaluation of employee potential, to save time, money and disappointment in the hiring process. Call us for courtesy consult.
  • BITCOIN MINING & TRANSACTING REMAINS A MAJOR COMPONENT OF THE CLIMATE POLLUTION CRISIS. Latest analyses suggest that U.S. energy consumed is equivalent to that of New York City, as much as 3.5 million cars, and using as much water to cool the 24-hr/day computers as necessary to fill an entire swimming pool every time Bitcoin is bought or sold. As trading increases, “once dead coal-fired power plants are now roaring back to life, generating air/ climate/ water/ and noise pollution, in order to collectively allow tens-of-millions of computers to generate 500 quintillion ‘guesses’ every second of every day nonstop (that’s 500 with 18 zeros behind it), at a grim environmental toll.” [FUTURISM/ BYTE – 12/1/23]
  • A.I. LIMITATIONS ARE MAYBE ON THE WAY. With eight of the ten global technology leaders based in America and Congress dithering over legislation, President Biden issued an Executive Order last month which could materially slow the progress of A.I. Notwithstanding the Supreme Court having blocked ‘overreaching’ regulation of private sector activity (e.g. forgiving $430 billion of debt taken by students, and mandated covid testing & vaccines), the newest Order could “tie the hands of algorithmic entrepreneurs. Citing the Defense Production Act as authority, the Order directs a dozen federal agencies to evaluate technology and promulgate rules – ostensibly to make A.I. safer – with new Standards for premarket testing & disclosure requirements relating to privacy/ equity/ civil rights/ consumers/ workers/ etc. when technologies may affect national security and/or critical infrastructure.” The other two global companies in China and Taiwan are of course unaffected. [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 11/21/23]
  • WHILE THE VAST MAJORITY OF PSYCHIATRISTS disagree with ‘gender-affirming’ care for transgender-identifying children, the latest ‘Trans Textbook for Psychiatrists’ asserts that “scientific neutrality is a fallacy.” Published by the American Psychiatric Ass’n (after editing by Harvard and Penn authors “chosen by prioritizing lived experience and community impact over academic titles), the now Peer-Reviewed’ text can be seen as credible – despite no foundation in science – thus supporting hospitals demanding doctor compliance, removal of doctor licensing for non-compliance, with standards trickling down to elementary schools where counselors could harm millions of identity-confused children… The authors also assert that the psychiatric field was built on assumptions of European white men with a cis-heteropatriarchal worldview, who were oppressors of minority group victims.” Radicalization of children is no longer just a public-school concern. [EPOCH TIMES – 12/1/23]

“Desire & temptation of reporters & columnists to reach for the most inflammatory words available has steered the tone of today’s writing from the offence of euphemism to its twin offence of exaggeration… Those who don’t’ ascribe to Left-wing views of race are no longer accused of bias/ prejudice/ racism, but of White Supremacy and even Nazism, while Communist or Fascist is now applied to anyone who disagrees with the author… Social media, the ‘great awokenism’ on the Left and MAGAfication of the Right have contributed to a verbal crescendo. While euphemism and exaggeration are both dangers, extremism is the greater threat.”  [ECONOMIST]

A Holiday Gift Thought: Thoughts on Life in Rhyme & Sculpture: End of an Era  “Life’s no more than a balancing act, with each of us on stage. No rights or wrongs, ifs, ands, or buts; we react and turn the page” writes poet Dennis Gray Duitch. His newest collection of Thoughts “range from celebration to condescension of culture, environment and the human predicament — focusing on the ostensible purposes and motivations in life and society, mostly from a 20,000-foot perspective. His Thoughts reveal the complexities, joys, and tribulations of relationships, business, politics, and direction of the economy, while finding one’s purpose amidst the craziness and uncertainty of life in our times. An original and refreshing, while often disconcerting, perspective on the paradoxes in our world.”  [AMAZON.COM ; BARNESANDNOBLE.COM]

An amazing magic act:  https://biggeekdad.com/2023/11/incredible-quick-change-act-solange-kardinaly/