• THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IS UPON US, with “three great forces converging in a period of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.”  The trends are in Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Shortage of Talent. [ECONOMIST]   Leaders who appreciate the nature of these disruptions to conventional business operations and who focus on risk management, have a much stronger chance for optimizing production of product or services, profitability, stability, and valuation when the dust settles.  DCG have decades of experience in guiding client strategies through rough times. Call for courtesy consultation.
  •  AMERICA’S MANUFACTURING SECTOR IS ON IT’S LAST LEGS, experiencing a silent ‘death by a thousand cuts.’  We led the Industrial Era over a century ago with electricity and technologies innovation, with production of tangible products that define today’s world.  But a combination of factors over the last four decades have contributed, including: offshore production/ globalization-politics/ foreign capital availability/ willingness to split-up and sell-off pieces/ deteriorating plant facilities/ labor union demands/ public stimulus & non-work alternatives/ taxation & regulation avoidance options/ capitalist greed. Factory closures continue and over one-third of skilled workers have left the production workforce to a point where domestic manufacturing is almost certainly past the point of no return.  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 1/9/24]
  •  ADVANCED BIOTECHNOLOGY CAPABILITIES HAVE RAISED THE RISK of genetic engineering “becoming an instrument of warfare, which uses people’s DNA against them.  As A.I. continues to rapidly develop and CRISPR technology becomes more cost effective, a RAND corporation report now contends that a growing number of biotech/biosafety labs in Europe and Asia are developing ‘synthetically-generated genomically targetable’ plagues which will be the future of warfare. Potentially targetable by terrorists and other non-state actors, transmissible bioweapons could cause mass casualties and societal disruption, with clandestine operations inherently difficult to attribute to any group or even to natural versus human causes.”  https://thedebrief.org/synthetically-generated-genomically-targeted-plagues-will-be-the-future-of-warfare-says-new-defense-report/
  •  AND LATEST: THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS NOW FORMULATING GLOBAL RULES FOR THE TRANSGENDER EVOLUTION – “children undergoing life-changing medical procedures before their brains and bodies have been allowed to fully develop.” The appointed committee for setting global healthcare policy are a majority with zero formal medical training or background, a third who have already declared they’re Transgender, and most are “radical gender activists, promoting stuff like  Gender Assessments being really an unnecessary form of gatekeeping and/or that cross-sex hormone treatments should be allowed for kids as young as 13.  As long as the Radical Left remain in power, this is the future of our kids.” [TOWNHALL – 1/12/24]

“One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace with which accompanies it tells the truth… What upsets us is not that one lies to us, but that from now on we can no longer believe them.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

 A brilliant and entertaining explanation of how and why the abstract vision of Social Justice (equity of outcome) is literally incompatible with Equity of Opportunity (and thief of Human Potential), from Thomas Sowell.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WYi-64MejU

 Bill Maher: Reality Perspective on the ‘Palestine’ issue: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lawrence-rogak-853958b_normally-liberal-bill-maher-gives-the-best-activity-7141889598955159553-2D8T/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop