• CONFLICT OVER ISSUES BETWEEN PEOPLE WITH DRASTICALLY & FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT VIEWS about a topic, where no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer really exists, often reach a point of debate where nothing can budge and rational argument can go no further.  At that point in personal & social situations where no apparent resolution is possible, the conflict often results in either name-calling or ‘agree-to-disagree’ status, with relationship strain and impact on interpersonal communications. In workplace situations, this can further affect optimal future decision-making, productivity and even profitability. DCG guidance and Informal Mediation have consistently proven to be the most effective strategy to re-engage personalities in whatever issue(s) are involved, best facilitate middle-ground compromise, override resentments, and avoid negative impacts. Call Dennis for courtesy consult.
  • AS GLOBAL CONFLICTS INCREASE and possibilities for a Mideast, European or even World War are realistic, British adults under age 40 were surveyed as to their attitudes about serving in its armed forces, finding 38% saying they would refuse to serve in the event of a World War, and only 30% willing even if Britain was facing imminent invasion. In event of a World War with conscription implemented, 72% also felt that women should be included in the draft – but fewer than half now say they would serve.  Many “cultural and political classes (1) conjure up Britain’s past as a source of imperial guilt and portray its Brexit present as overwhelmed by xenophobia & racism; (2) would like to be reabsorbed into the globalist structures of the EU; and (3) believe that the idea of reviving ‘national service’ through conscription seems faintly ridiculous when the elite ruling classes exert so much energy on telling them that the nation is not worth saving.”  [YOUGOV and SPIKED – 1/31/02] 
  •  “THE WORLD IS ON FIRE, BUT U.S. DEP’T OF DEFENSE PRIORITIES continue to focus on Wokeism and DEI, recently including: (1) appointment of a Chief of Staff who is a founding member of Iranian Experts Initiative, which cooperates with Iranians promoting a new Nuclear Deal; (2) a $900K two-year witch-hunt to root out ‘far right extremism’ in the military (which found fewer than 100 had ‘engaged’ in such activities); (3) Military lectures on ‘on home-grown terrorists’ by the author of God, Guns & Terrorism.” Since ‘domestic terrorism’ doesn’t even fall under DoD purview, how can the thousands of potential terrorists sneaking across the U.S. southern border not be a higher priority focus? [RED STATE – 2/2/24]
  • MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER ARENA OF GLOBAL CRISIS, mental health officials & physicians are increasingly authorizing and treating patients with ‘mind altering’ and ‘expanded consciousness’ drugs. “In place of tranquilizers/ anti-depressants/ synthetic opioids/ stimulants, treatments now utilize micro-dosing of LSD, psilocybin (mushrooms), ketamine and other hallucinogens which have been taboo since the 1950s, while MDMA and marijuana proliferates at clubs & concerts.” A fascinating history of how corporations, military contractors and Intelligence Agencies created psychedelics.”   https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/magazine/2810083/corporations-military-contractors-intelligence-lsd-tripping-on-utopia-review/

 “Since 2022, at least 15 far-left district attorneys backed by liberal megadonor George Soros have resigned, retired, been recalled, or lost re-election. It seems conservatives may be turning the tide against the radical criminal justice ‘reform’ movement. Nonetheless, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund counts more than 70 Soros prosecutors who are still in office, including those in the nation’s largest cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.” [AMAC]

 “The Open Border policy is now well on its way to fundamentally changing America’s demographics.”  MIT and Yale researcher suggests that the currently staggering surge of illegal aliens could grow to 30-plus million – a population larger than every State except California. ‘Progressive’ liberals have routinely tried to pass some type of amnesty which would allow illegal aliens to vote, along with any U.S.-born children who already have voting rights at age 18.  Encouraging more migrants (especially those with no likely intention to assimilate with American culture) via “government handouts to ensure they eventually vote for politicians who keep the gravy train running” is neither morally defensible or sane.  [FEDERALIST]

The Geopolitics of Word War III – “a horrifying four-front prediction, based on geopolitical theory and strategic history.” https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2024/01/27/the_geopolitics_of_world_war_iii_1007840.html