• LATEST STUDIES FIND GOOD NEWS IN THAT CONVENTIONAL TOBACCO USE IS DECREASING, however bad news in that Vaping and Cannabis use is increasing, with absence of health danger awareness. “Cannabis use – whether smoked, vaporized or eaten – is associated with higher adverse cardiovascular outcomes.” The latest study of 430K U.S. adults (published by Journal of American Heart Assn) reports that daily cannabis users have 25% higher odds for heart attack and 42% higher for stroke, compared to non-users, predominantly caused from nicotine, THC and other chemical by-products in vape additives & fluids also damaging to lungs and heart. Obviously, heavier use was associated with higher odds of negative outcomes. [CBS NEWS – 2/29/24]
  • WHILE ELDERS GENERALLY VIEW MILLENNIALS AND/OR GEN Z AS LAZY, latest studies show that perception is most impacted by age of the elder. While each generation is somewhat arbitrarily defined, they are associated with distinct personality traits relating to work motivation, but a study of some 600K people over 20 years (published in Journal of Business & Psychology) concludes that regardless of cultural expectation, “what is often seen as laziness of younger people is partly due to the age period during which they’re being surveyed,” and by age of the person observing who neglects to remember that when he/she were starting out at that age, it was their personal lifetime low in terms of how they saw work.” There is really no such thing as ‘Generational Difference’ in perception of work importance, but more so that younger workers tend to jump on societal trends at light speed, such that Boomers may now think they are the hardest workers, while Gen Z would argue they would rather be social media influencers these days.” [ARSTECHNICA – 2/24]
  • “ILLEGALLY PRESENT FOREIGNERS WHO DON’T HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS can arrest and even disarm a U.S. citizen who does.” While, for over five decades, the federal Gun Control Act has precluded anyone not legally in the U.S. from possessing a firearm, an exception loophole applies if they work for any state/ Department/ Agency/ or government Subdivision. California politicians also repealed the citizenship requirement, effective last year, allowing anyone with federal work authorization (hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers including DACA recipients) to now become a peace officer in the state. So, with hundreds of unfilled officer positions at some of the state’s largest law enforcement agencies, several cities including Los Angeles have now recruited, hired and provided department firearms to newly-sworn officers. Varying Courts are considering challenges. [FEDERALIST and CALMATTERS – 2/25 and 2/29/24]
  • “PEOPLE VOTING ON THE BASIS OF WHIMS & EMOTIONS are playing Russian roulette with the history of the country. Elections are not held just for social participation or to vet emotions, but to elect people who hold the fate of the entire nation. To go out as if voting for homecoming queen is madness, and many Americans vote unconsciously – placing in office people with allegiance to woke ideology instead of the public good (like releasing criminals immediately without even bail, or giving illegal immigrants free rent/ food/ cellphones/ credit cards/ medical & child care) …The phenomenon of electing unfit politicians is lured by American Marxism – false hopes & promises of urban transformation, as well as a myopic under-informed viewpoint oblivious to the consequences of their political choices.” [TOWNHALL – 2/26/24]

 “Our dystopian future is being brought to you by Uncle Sam and Big Tech. When it comes to high-tech deception and misinformation, it’s the folks who have total control over what we see on the internet, by rewriting or erasing the past – major media, government & Big Tech… According to even NPR, A.I. will turbocharge efforts to discourage voters or spread bogus claims, especially in the immediate run up to an election, when there’s little time for journalists or campaigns to fact-check or debunk. Lying by video is being done by the very folks who are supposed to protect us from lying by video.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]

One-third of people who spent five hours daily watching movies, TV or online videos were nearly 50% more likely to experience Nocturia – waking up to urinate multiple times during the night, according to a 5-year study published in Neurology and Urodynamics.

THE COUP WE NEVER KNEW!  https://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/opinion-columns/victor-davis-hanson/victor-davis-hanson-the-coup-we-never-knew-2708530/

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