• GEN Z PRIORITIES AND CHALLENGES NOW CRITICALLY IMPACT STRUCTURE, RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION for most companies. Latest workplace survey by EduBirdie found that key priorities and most important facets of Gen Z employment are: (1) Meaningful Work which makes a positive impact; (2) Over half prioritize Financial Stability; (3) Family & Relationships are top priorities for 62%, three-quarters of whom identify balancing work & personal life are the biggest challenge; (4) 62% identify Health, Well-being and avoiding Burnout as top priority – “This generation have the highest-ever levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicide, and seek benefits & opportunities focused on mental health, meditation and nutrition”; (5) Personal Growth ranked equally important to career and education, with 10% identifying their biggest worry as not getting a leadership position. “These dynamics have implications for the way work is designed, how leaders lead, and how cultures evolve – not just for Gen Z but for all employees in today’s workplace.” DCG can help. [FORBES – 4/9/24]
  • MANAGERS IN TODAY’S ENVIRONMENT ARE FAILING from having accountability for up to a third greater responsibilities than they can effectively handle, “carrying the weight of leader expectations at the top while responding to employee expectations at the base, with one-in-five Managers saying that given a choice, they’d prefer NOT being people managers.” According to a 9,000-person analysis, over half are suffering from work-induced stress & fatigue, nearly half are inconsistent in meeting goals, over 90% are at risk of failure and more likely to leave their organizations from loss in confidence. Unproductive interactions with their workers are the major factor, as the growth of remote and hybrid work has impacted how Managers interact. McKinsey recommends four steps to improvement: (1) Regularly scheduled meetings; (2) Letting employees drive the conversations; (3) Behavior-focused discussions on HOW work gets done versus output demands; (4) Regular team-based interactions allowing opportunity to discuss strategic initiatives and develop team commitment from feelings of inclusion. DCG coaching can help.   [HARVARD BUS REVIEW – 4/11/24]
  • IMPACTS OF THE U.S. FEDERAL DEBT LEVEL ARE BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Over the last decade, debt increased from $10.7 Trillion when President Obama took office, to $20 Trillion when President Trump was elected, to $27.7 Trillion at President Biden’s inauguration, to over $34 Trillion today, with Interest payments on the debt having risen at a faster pace that at any other time in history – growing from $380 Billion in 2008 to over $1 Trillion today (surpassing defense and Medicaid spending this year). At current rates, the National Debt is now growing by a remarkable Trillion Dollars every hundred days, with over $12.4 Trillion projected payments over the next decade – roughly 75% of the projected increase in Federal Deficit during that period, and before whatever the next Congresses do with budgets! If/when the U.S. Dollar loses its acceptance as global foreign currency, these numbers will most certainly become unsustainable.  [VISUAL CAPITALIST – 4/18/24]
  • TODAY’S “OBSESSION WITH ‘RACE’ has sparked an unhealthy need to rewrite history to cast Americans as distinctively villainous, pushing the idea of reimbursing contemporary black citizens for the sin of Slavery… One of the most corrosive, immoral, impractical, unjust, and un-American policy ideas increasingly gaining popularity on the progressive Left, is ‘Reparations,’ with California becoming the first state to seriously consider a widespread program for black residents – all of whom have presumably been ‘affected’ by the legacy of slavery, notwithstanding the facts that it had never been a slave state, or that very few ancestors of the contemporary Californian have even a tenuous relationship to the institution of slavery… Governor Newsom’s Reparations Task Force has recommended that every black resident should be handed around $223,000 (twice the state’s entire budget), foisting transgressions on those who have committed none while creating martyrs of those who’ve never been mistreated a day of their lives.” [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 4/16/24]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK Superb picture of the middle east mess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mBAUytlSfw

         A Reality Check on the impacts of Pandemic Decisions by bureaucrats:  https://townhall.com/videos/2024/04/02/bill-maher-suffers-extreme-reality-check-in-eye-opening-monologue-n2637260

What does it feel like to die? New research found out what it FEELS like when you die. Scientists were able to study the brains of people who were being resuscitated with CPR and then interviewed the ones who ‘came back’ to life  to figure out what it feels like to die.   https://www.realclearscience.com/video/2024/04/15/what_it_feels_like_to_die_1024985.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=8cd61f38ab&mc_eid=afc66dfbec