• ANOTHER SUMMER OF ‘PROTESTS’ LOOKS INEVITABLE. Beyond the overwhelming generational divide about strategic direction for American culture, economy, ‘equity’ versus equality of opportunity, and Biden vs Trump personality impacts, is the degree to which America should be involved in foreign affairs. But “it is a mistake both to view the current campus protests as a ‘student’ movement and/or to regard the outside agitators as ‘infiltrators’ or somehow separate from the movement. Rather, student activists have been working together with outsiders, with whom they are linked via overlapping activist networks and nationwide organizations. Politically, the protests have displayed an incoherent mix of campus progressivism, hardcore Islamism & Arab nationalism, and revolutionary anarchism & communism (including even open praise for North Korea). The only unifying thread would appear to be opposition to Israel and its alleged imperial patron: the USA.” https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/people-setting-america-on-fire-soros-tides-wespac

• AMERICA IS FACING A MAJOR DOCTOR SHORTAGE, becoming an urgent issue to our aging and chronically sick population. CDC reports that six-in-ten U.S. adults currently have a chronic disease, with four-in-ten having two or more. Meanwhile, the 2023 Physicians Foundation survey found 60% of doctors & residents and 70% of medical students saying they’re “feeling burned out.” Forecasts suggest a shortage of 124,000 doctors in the next decade – 39% lost from primary care and 47% of specialists, surgeons & nurse practitioners. This is critical for two reasons: (1) Health care demands are rising, currently averaging 4 times annually for adults, 9 times for infants, and twice for children age 5 to15. (2) Our insurance system has become a massive bureaucracy, with over half of U.S. physicians now chosen to become employees of large medical groups, “burning out from mandated patient loads, frustrated by needing prior approval from (non-medically trained) insurance companies to carry out medical treatment or procedure, and an average of over 36-minutes preparing electronic health records per patient.” [EPOCH TIMES – 5/9/24]

• TODAY’S LEVEL OF TWEETS, DEEPFLAKES, VIRAL MEMES AND MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS designed for “intentional distribution of false information and twisting of facts with the goal of shaping public opinion, influencing political outcomes, or undermining trust in institutions, is unprecedented… As digital platforms become the primary (even sole) source of news and information for many, the lines between fact & fiction blur, creating a climate of doubts and mistrust that has led to social discord, public apathy and/or misplaced fears… Social polarization is increasingly segregating society, creating ‘us versus them’ mentalities with consequences including diminishment of willingness to engage in constructive debate, deterioration of civil discourse, obstruction of collaborative problem solving, and turning neighbors into adversaries over the invisible lines of ideology and belief… We are entering the future at an unprecedented rate and risk the potential consequences of surrendering both our ability to make good decisions and control of our future to silicon and code.” [THOMAS FREY INSIGHTS – 5/2/24]

• AMERICA IS PRETTY MUCH INTO THE LAST OF 4 STAGES WHICH LED TO ‘CULTURAL REVOLUTION,’ enabling Communist Subversion in both Russia and China. Those stages were: (1st) Demoralization – disconnecting people from virtue of the past by undermining religious beliefs/customs/habits, family structure/schooling/culture which turn children against parents, and country loyalty by rewriting history, denigrating founders & heroes, destroying monuments; (2nd) Disorientation – prodding masses to feel bewildered & helpless (like from pandemic impacts, assertions of racism triggering rioting, etc.), with absence of government protective response; (3rd) Crisis – enabling election fraud through changes in voting rules & oversight, massive censorship from collaboration of media/government/institutions; all leading to (4th) Normalization – where “borders are open, people are denied access to information, become accustomed to rigged elections, accept limitations on speech, and acquiesce to rewriting of history. That final 4th stage plan – acceptance of a new World Order of global control… Note: ‘Liberty once lost is lost forever’ warned John Adams, America’s second President. [FEDERALIST- 4/29/24]


“The Worst Thing Any President Has Done in My Lifetime” — Victor Davis Hanson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faPNpovMeuU

California’s population began decreasing in 2020, attributed to falling birth rates, the covid pandemic, and out-migration to states with cheaper living costs, taxes, and work regulations. The trend has supposedly halted, according to a state Department of Finance release last week reporting .2% growth in 2023 (some 67,000 residents), a ‘rebound’ attributable to remote working having lost some of its appeal, number of deaths having returned to normal, and immigration with a quarter of America’s foreign-born population now living in California. [ECONOMIST]

Irrespective of the Constitution’s delegation of public health policy to the States, not the federal government, Agreements are currently being negotiated by the Biden Administration with World Health Organization, which would threaten U.S. sovereignty by giving WHO “sweeping, unprecedented and unconstitutional powers over national governments and public health authorities in the event of a new pandemic.” The proposed ‘Pandemic Accord’ would set up a global system of Digital Health Passports, ceding authority to the Director-General of WHO to restrict freedom of speech, privacy, cross-border travel, and informed consent, with a global surveillance infrastructure. A coalition of 22 State Attorney Generals have voiced opposition, but so far no major congressional battle. [AMERICAN GREATNESS]