• IDEOLOGUES IN AMERICA ARE CERTAIN they can and should control everything. So, manipulation of the political process to centralize their power propaganda will continue to increase as the election nears – more censorship, unaccountable bureaucratic regulation, and executive orders. “Leftist priorities range from eliminating oil/gas/coal/automotive industries, to banning appliances powered by natural gas, reducing dairy farming/ agricultural & meat production/ and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (with which plants produce the oxygen we need to live)… Ending America’s democratic form of government is a collectivist pipe dream which ignores the death and destruction that too much power in too few hands have wrought via socialism and communism – upwards of 170 million humans have died as a result of political persecution (imprisonment, torture, purges, executions), besides those killed from battles and wars… It is a searing indictment of our higher education that students & graduates are so ignorant of this that they can advocate for Marxism with a straight face.” [TOWNHALL – 5/9/24]

• EXPECTING ‘ELECTION INTEGRITY’ THIS YEAR IS ALSO A PIPEDREAM. Despite federal law which ‘prohibits’ non-citizen voting in federal elections, dozens of state laws have shredded its enforcement by, in addition to allowing ‘mail in’ ballots and allowing their post-election-day receipt, effectively eliminating all structural barriers against required Registration. Examples: (1) 14 states, including California and New York, require no sort of ID to cast a ballot; (2) 28 states only require a student ID; (3) 19 other states plus D.C. request only a Driver’s License (which Judicial Watch reports have been issued to over 80K illegal aliens alone); (4) Biden Executive Ordered the U.S. Marshalls Service to provide everyone in custody, including illegals, info on how to Register. One simple step Congress could take is passage of the SAVE Act, a Bill requiring states to remove non-citizens from Voter Rolls, require Homeland Security and Social Security departments to share databases, and empower citizens to initiate legal action against Election Officials to fail to enforce citizenship requirements. But, needless to say, that passage is unlikely. [TOWNHALL – 5/11/24]

• “GLOBAL CIVILIZATION COLLAPSE IS GOING TO HAPPEN” starting perhaps within two decades, says the latest discouraging forecast now based on studies by multiple institutions. Since “a lot of human beings on this planet cannot survive outside of our technologically dependent existence, Will Humanity Adapt?” https://thereader.mitpress.mit.edu/the-collapse-is-coming-will-humanity-adapt/

• INTEREST COSTS ON BALOONING FEDERAL DEBT – now approaching $35 Trillion – exceeded a half-trillion dollars for the first seven months of the U.S. fiscal year, greater than spending on defense, Medicare, and education/ transportation/ veterans combined. The Administration’s “insatiable appetite for reckless spending has created a Debt-to-GDP ratio on path to reach 166% in a few decades, while University of Pennsylvania analysts estimate that a ratio of 200% will be the Point-of-No-Return – when no amount of future tax increases or spending cuts could prevent the government from defaulting on our country’s debt.” [EPOCH TIMES – 5/14/24]


California residents led the country last year in experiencing personal Cybercrime complaints and losses. Victims were most frequently people over age 60, with FBI reporting losses exceeding $3.4 billion – representing over 27% of total lost by American seniors. Many simple protection strategies are presented at www.SecureTheVillage.org or call DCG for guidance.

LA County Public Defenders are charged with legal representation if anyone charged with a crime is unable to afford an attorney. The County Board has just redirected resources & services of Public Defenders from other cases, to instead focus toward the “defense of UCLA students & affiliates that were arrested after the school had declared their encampment an ‘unlawful assembly’ and violent skirmishes went on for hours, prioritizing ‘privileged’ college students over lower income individuals.”

Much media suggests that today’s level of internet/ social media/ mobile phone use is a “devastating force in our society, related to behaviors such as addiction, cyberbullying and body-image issues.” A different perspective is suggested by a 16-year 2.4-million-person survey in English-speaking countries, just reported in Technology, Mind & Behavior. While “different channels & uses of the internet can have vastly different effects on well-being outcomes, the study suggests positive and beneficial effects.” On average, people with internet access scored 8% higher on measures of “life satisfaction, positive experiences, and contentment with social life, perhaps attributed to online activities which can help people make friends and learn new things.”