• LEADERS OF ORGANIZATIONS OR COMMITTEES OFTEN SHY AWAY FROM UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS, opting to maintain a distance from conflict among employees or members, generally to avoid making someone feel badly. But friction, especially among key team members, inhibits ideas, insights and optimizing objectives. While challenging, one-on-one discussions are important and generally best handled by: (1) Recognizing that intent matters more than technique, so begun by first clarifying objective of the discussion – especially when it needs to happen by phone or screen rather than face-to-face; and (2) Not procrastinating, since Communication is most impactful when it happens ‘while the fire is hot,’ versus letting the recipient’s anxiety or anger simmer. A promptly conducted difficult conversation is the quickest way to turn tension into progress, enabling others to focus on pursuit of priority goals & objectives.  [CHIEF EXECUTIVE – 5/17/24]
  • OUR FEDERAL DRUG AGENCY (DEA) just reported that Mexico’s two most powerful & ruthless Cartels are now operating in all 50 states, and shifting from plant-based to synthetic drugs like fentanyl & methamphetamine which account for nearly all drug poisonings in our nation. Precursor chemicals & pill presses are obtained from China, produced in Mexico, and smuggled across the essentially open border, with Chinese underground banking systems moving money back to Cartel bosses in Mexico. A recent DEA arrest was a Cartel member known as ‘Skittles Man’ for selling rainbow-colored fentanyl pills. [PATRIOT POST – 5/22/24]
  • THE ONGOING MASSIVE IMPORTATION OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAS TWO ABSURD VOTING IMPACTS: (1) Thanks to state and municipal manipulation of voting process, increasing enablement of noncitizens to vote in federal elections; and (2) Since the Constitution apparently requires a centennial Census of ‘population’ (including legal and illegal residents), that count determines allocation of congressional districts and electoral votes for the next decade. The last census recorded over 19 million adult non-citizens, with latest data suggesting up to 27% now registered – over five million!   With illegals generally drawn to ‘Sanctuary’ cities & states, this both advantages the ‘blue’ states, as well as dilutes the voting power of all legal citizens. A House Bill to remedy this abuse was passed last spring, but unsurprisingly defeated by Senate Democrats.   https://pricklypear.news/study-10-to-27-of-non-citizens-are-illegally-registered-to-vote/?ref=libertylab&utm_campaign=Up%20to%2027%25%20of%20Non-Citizens%20Illegally%20Registered%20to%20Vote&utm_medium=email&utm_source=mailjet
  • MEANWHILE, THE ADMINISTRATION IS SEEMINGLY BLIND TO REALITY THAT WORLD WAR III IS NOT FAR AWAY, already confronted with three wars: Ukraine, Middle East, and the looming war over Taiwan & South China Sea. Meekly arguing for ‘de-escalation,’ the opposite is consistently happening, as our leaders are “seemingly caught in the vice grip of November Electoral calculus, while (1)  the nation’s military weapons/munitions production capacity and ability to engage with the cyberwarfare and disinformation emanating from Moscow & Beijing deteriorate, and (2) post-WWII global order and the institutions that once safeguarded it (including U.N. Security Council and International Criminal Court) are now reacting against America and our allies… But ‘winning’ this increasingly kinetic global ideological war is our only way forward if liberal democracy is to prevail against a so-called Multipolar world, militarily & economically dominated by Russia, China, and anchored by BRICS.” The future is happening faster than you think!  [CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE and THE HILL – 5/22/24]

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Newest theory for improved sleep, concentration & relaxation is ‘Pink Noise’ with thousands downloading on YouTube and subscriptions to meditation apps. Whereas ‘White Noise,’ which masks background sounds similar to static on radio or TV, can sound harsh, Pink Noise is lower in pitch – more like the natural sound of rain or ocean, and quieter. Studies at Northwestern and Oregon Health & Science universities also “show promise improving memory response by stimulating the brain without providing information, so not distracting.”  [AP NEWS]