• IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD, business is in a steady state of change and evolution which contribute to employee distraction and frustration: new applications and collaborative tools, constant interruptions, annoyance at needing to adapt to new procedures – all of which lead to loss of productivity. Leadership steps to help overcome these challenges include: (1) Anticipating their predictable resistance to change and proactively coaching employees in what to expect and how to best adapt”; (2) Asking for their input with direct questions like ‘What do you think? What would you do?’ versus management tendency to adopt a ‘telling’ approach; (3) Remembering that ‘collaboration’ generally motivates & energizes workersDCG provides courtesy consultation in this and other aspects of optimal strategic direction for optimal staff retention, effectiveness and profitability. 
  • CYBER-SABOTAGE OF CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE by China and/or Russia in event of wartime has become an increasing risk as America’s Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reports potential for “crippling of critical national assets across the U.S.” including communications/ energy/ transportation/ and water facilities. (China’s objective, beyond disrupting movement of troops and supplies, would be “causing panic to “crush American will” to defend China’s pending attack on Taiwan.) While America has now imposed cyber-security Standards on pipelines, aviation and railways, our politicians are now squabbling over measures, since latest fiber-attacks “conflate with protection against all manner of hostile activity inside computer networks – routine intelligence gathering, industrial espionage, information operations, disinformation campaigns, pre-war maneuvering inside critical infrastructure, and peacetime destruction options” – impacting U.S. deterrence capacity. [ECONOMIST – 6/15/24]
  • “THE CIRCUS CAME TO CALIFORNIA A LONG TIME AGO, and no signs it’s packing up any time soon.” Current laws and lawmakers’ agendas include: (a) Reparations for ‘black descendants’ of slaves (despite the fact that CA was never a slave state), with proposals aggregating a cost of some $800 billion amidst a current budget deficit exceeding $50 billion; (b) Despite a 1996 voters ban on using race & gender in government hiring, U.C. Medical School continued DEI admissions policy for ‘under-represented’ students, while dropping from 6th to 18th national ranking for medical research, and over 50% of students now failing standardized tests on emergency/ family/ internal/ pediatric medicine; (c) With presently the highest unemployment rate of any state, newest laws require $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers, immediately costing over 10,000 jobs, as well as several major franchises increasing prices up to 8%; (d) Requiring Corp Boards for companies publicly-traded to include both a woman plus a member from an ‘under-represented’ community – i.e. “individuals who ‘self-identify’ their race, origin or gender” (subsequently  struck down as Constitutional violations).  [LARRY ELDER- 6/6/24]
  • TATTOOS ARE NOW FURTHER ASSOCIATED WITH INCREASED RISK OF CANCERS – malignant lymphoma, basal cell carcinoma, blood, and bone cancers. With nearly a third of Americans now estimated to have at least one tattoo, and over 20% with multiple, toxicological impacts are of increasing concern. Latest study, just published in eClinicalMedical journal, found that tattoo size did not affect the percentage, that risk begins within two years of inking, and that black & red inks contain the most hazardous chemicals which get deposited in lymph nodes impacting the immune system. These risks are seldom communicated to those seeking tattoos to express their individuality.   [EPOCH TIMES -6/13/24]

 –A quick-change artist, about as close to magic as can be imagined: https://biggeekdad.com/2024/06/magical-quick-change/ 

–Prosecutorial discretion is indistinguishable from lawlessness, particularly evident when America’s law enforcement apparatus gets involved in cases involving celebrities or high-profile targets. https://pricklypear.news/americas-corrupt-political-class-should-be-prosecuted-not-trump/?ref=libertylab&utm_campaign=Bannon%20to%20Jail%20for%20Contempt%20of%20Congress&utm_medium=email&utm_source=mailjet

–Promotion of Transgender Ideology over the past seven years by most media & educators (pushing woke ‘gender neutral’ pronouns) and by the Biden Administration’s 42 actions and policy initiatives (including a declared ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ along with expansion of access to ‘gender-affirming’ care – despite growing medical concern about lasting damage from irreversible medical treatments – has resulted in one-third of Americans currently telling Pew Researchers that “anyone can be a man or woman even if that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.” Seven years ago, over half believed that way, so the trend toward common sense is at least improving. [TOWNHALL] 

–Los Angeles did not make the latest list of top ten cities where international travelers spend the most money. According to World Travel & Tourism Council, Dubai tops the list (approaching $30 billion) and nearly double that of the next six cities (Doha, London, Macau, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona), with New York #8 (at $12.5 billion), followed by Singapore and Paris.

–Could nuclear war really wipe out 60% of humanity in 72 minutes? https://pricklypear.news/videos-2/?ref=libertylab