• AS JULY 4th ‘INDEPENDENCE’ CELEBRATIONS COMMENCE, “THE SAD FACT is that America’s current generation of foreign policy leaders is ill-equipped to address the strategic challenges facing our nation… They lack personal experience, or even intellectual grounding, having matured during a unipolar moment in which the U.S was the only major player on the world’s stage, and could write the rules and fully expect they would be followed… Today the nation faces an emerging multipolar environment with centers of power rising to challenge American hegemony. As well as Russia and China, Europe has begun to diverge from American interests in terms of its defined ‘eternal and perpetual’ political, economic, diplomatic and military interests. These challenges have rocked the U.S. back to a position very much on an unaccustomed back foot… While moving inexorably towards a multi-polar world, American interests cannot be defined in those terms; our power as a nation does not emerge from these traditional factors but rather from the force of our founding ideals.” A fascinating analysis: https://lawliberty.org/forum/the-return-of-great-power-competition/
  • Homeland Security documents show that its ‘Intelligence Experts Group’ who research topics such as fentanyl trafficking and terrorism now focus and “label military, religious people, and Trump supporters as having potential to commit domestic violent extremist attacks” in the country, as well as considering “reach into communities in an ‘ambiguous’ and ‘non-threatening’ way to get teachers and mothers to report their children.” [TOWNHALL] 
  • This year’s election integrity concerns & disputes will overwhelmingly eclipse those from 2020 since, beyond the counting and unverified mail-in processes, “Voter Registration forms are now being actively distributed in 49 states by welfare, driver licensing and various other state agencies to refugees with asylum status or humanitarian parole, without questioning their citizenship status.” [AMERICAN GREATNESS]
  • In California, if an individual shows up at a polling station without a valid SSN or driver’s license, which the state law requires in order to vote, the Sec’y of State’s office says they are “permitted to use a health club or other I.D. card ‘provided by a commercial establishment,” student ID, credit card, bank statement, utility bill, insurance card, or even a sample ballot as their identifier – documents which simply verify California residence, not citizenship”. [PATRIOT POST]   https://ballotpedia.org/Voter_ID_in_California#Forms_of_accepted_ID
  • And this week’s winner: The Fed has funded $380 million over three years on a facility to House Migrant Children that has yet to house any unaccompanied children who crossed the border illegally. A 100-acre campus in North Carolina pays some three-hundred employees to cover 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, to maintain 31 buildings, an $18 million athletic center, medical center, swimming pools, and 22-acre lake, staffed with professional employees including teachers & mental health workers earning salaries as high as $75,000/yr + health care benefits, etc.  Last December, the House Homeland Security majority issued a report citing “abuse and waste of resources amid border crisis.” https://www.theepochtimes.com/us/north-carolina-facility-to-house-migrant-children-remains-empty-after-years-of-preparation-5660486?utm_source=goodeveningnoe&src_src=goodeveningnoe&utm_campaign=gv-2024-06-26&src_cmp=gv-2024-06-26&utm_medium=email&est=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZeclexof6cXd5acNtmZWBadvx1cHKS5A1sxgFvydENQ6RczIWnv33sqc0g%3D%3D

Curious about where almost all the funding for HAMAS weapons came from? Wow!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF4VSHXr0mE

With regard to the value of airline frequent-flyer point programs, the airlines now effectively operate as Central Banks. For users of credit card points, these impacts and options should be interesting and usefulhttps://biggeekdad.com/2023/06/how-airlines-became-banks/ 

 California is “rapidly looking more like South Africa, where the failed rail system was slowed to a halt after thieves stole all copper wire out of the rail power lines.” Los Angeles has given up to thieves who have stolen seven miles of copper wire from a $600 million bridge connecting downtown to a neighborhood, which still carries thousands of vehicles & pedestrians daily – but not at night, when closed to all but automobiles since that wire was necessary to light the bridge and costs millions to replace, much less protect. Oakland faces a similar problem with copper wire stolen from most traffic lights.

 Latest ranking of “Most Expensive Metro Area to Raise A Child” put Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim at 10th place in the nation with just over $30K yearly – half for childcare, 30% for food-healthcare-transportation, 20% additional housing. San Francisco/Oakland ranked 2nd on the list costing $400/mo more than LA,  and San Diego ranked 7th just $50/mo more. [VISUAL CAPITALIST]

 PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN IS INSANE – Tulsi Gabbard perspective as to why this is the only explanation!