• ESTIMATES SUGGEST THAT WE NOW “SPEND YEARS OF WASTED TIME – almost a decade of minutes looking at our phones, four months deciding on what to watch on streaming services, and “utterly pointless work activities” including:  (based on recent survey of 5K American & British workers), 145 days of ‘logging in,’ 180 days correcting typos, months trying to remember passwords, six weeks deleting emails, along with average time wasted involving internet connections, printer issues, scheduling, maneuvering spread sheet formats, and “vacant time staring at a screen just waiting for something to happen – time that could have been better spent, collectively wasting years of work.” [ECONOMIST – 6/18/22]
  • 90% OF THE THOUSAND MOST POPULAR APPS LIKELY TO BE USED BY CHILDREN allow their personal information to be “collected and sent out to the advertising industry, which can then track their interests, predict what they might want to buy (and/or sell their info to others) …This enables marketers to micro-target young minds, and by the time a child reaches 13, online advertising firms hold an average of 72 million data points about them, potentially mis-usable in some uniquely harmful ways, since research suggests that many children can’t distinguish ads from content.”  A major new study done by a Fraud & Compliance software company found this risk on 2/3 of iPhone and nearly 80% of Android apps used by kids, including Candy Crush and Angry Birds 2. [WASHINGTON POST – 6/9/22]
  • CALIFORNIA LEGISLATORS AND JUDGES JUST CONTINUE TO MAKE ‘DOING BUSINESS’ MORE DIFFICULT. Latest is a state Supreme Court ruling that requires, when employees miss already mandated ‘meal breaks,’ accrual of premium & penalty wages, payable upon termination. Beyond accounting and liability, is “the practical ramification that plaintiff attorneys will have a field day filing Class Actions against employers for missed Meal and possibly missed Rest breaks – including breaks that are late, short, or interrupted.”  And the latest proposed bill (SB260) would require any U.S. company with revenues over $1B revenue and doing business in the State to publicly report all Greenhouse Gas emissions – including “indirect emissions from the business’ supply chain and other sources, including power sources by customers at home (e.g. using Microsoft Xbox), with penalty of $1M per violation.” [MANATT and JMBM CLIENT ALERTS]
  • “IT HAS ALWAYS STRAINED CREDULITY THAT A BAT VIRUS transverses all of China without leaving a trace, only to suddenly erupt on the doorsteps of a Lab that was known to have been creating Covid-like viruses… After years of dismissal as ‘crank conspiracy theory,’ eminent scientists, including two of the most prominent Covid-19 authorities (heading WHO and Lancel Medical Journal) that the virus ‘most likely cause ‘came out of the Wuhan lab,’ and was ‘developed with U.S. technology, not out of nature’… A publication of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences further called for investigation of U.S.-based institutions (including Fauci’s NIH & NIAID, Pentagon’s DARPA Agency, ECO Health Alliance and Univ. of No. Carolina which supplied the biotechnology) which collectively created a modified coronavirus ‘uniquely able to latch on the human cells and efficiently replicate in human lungs,’ as well as collaborating with Chinese authorities to conceal crucial data.”  [DAILY MAIL – 12/15/21 and EPOCH TIMES – 6/22/22]

Some hard to fathom statistics: (1) Over 82 years’ worth of new video is uploaded to YouTube every single da. (2) Human brains contain some 100 billion neurons which zap info back & forth at 268mph; (3) Our bodies consist of some 30 trillion human cells, and 39 trillion bacterial cells in our gut; (4) Laid out end to end, our blood vessels would stretch more than 60,000 miles, over twice the Earth’s equator.  [TONY ROBBINS]