Weekly Reports April 2023

April 26, 2023

Weekly Report 23-24

  • THE JOB OF A LEADER IN TODAY’S WORKPLACE HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY COMPLEX, especially with regard to maintaining worker productivity/ creativity/ engagement/ and retention – especially younger employees often “overwhelmed by forces that contribute to their feeling anxious, worried and pessimistic... Continue
  • April 20, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-23

  • WHY MEDIATION VERSUS LITIGATING DISPUTES? DCG professional services include Informal Mediation, a negotiation process which is voluntary, private, always substantially faster, cheaper and dramatically less stressful. The process involves only the principal parties communicating with each other in quiet &... Continue
  • April 16, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-22

  •   FAMILY BUSINESSES, WHICH COMPRISE NINE IN TEN OF THE WORLD’S ENTERPRISES, FACE DILEMMAS AND COMMON CHALLENGES. Most typical are: “(1) Family loyalty and multi-generational thinking which morphs into resistance to change; (2) Clash with outside equity interests; (3) Meeting... Continue
  • April 11, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-21

  • EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP STEMS FROM AUTHENTICITY, TRANSPARENCY AND INTEGRITY, demonstrated consistently by an organization’s leaders whose actions resonate with their words, and reflecting congruency between values & behavior – i.e. company culture… Leaders who develop a management persona that does not... Continue
  • April 5, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-20

  • AGI – ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE – refers to the “ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn any intellectual task that human beingsor other animals can; the hypothetical future moment at which machines become capable of completing intellectual tasks at the level of a... Continue