Weekly Reports November 2021

November 27, 2021

Weekly Report 21-84

  • ‘RADICAL CANDOR’ RELATES TO A BUSINESS STRATEGY THAT ‘HONESTY’ as the best manner of motivating worker performance. But “people rarely say exactly what they mean, while hoping their meaning is nonetheless clear… and some words & phrases are so opaque... Continue
  • November 23, 2021

    Weekly Report 21-83

  • RECRUITING & RETAINING GOOD EMPLOYEES IS BECOMING TOUGHER, as workers have spent “intense time at home, now questioning why they need to resume ‘business as normal,’ particularly if it comes from the top without asking. They’re feeling stressed, anxious, burned... Continue
  • November 19, 2021

    Weekly Report 21-82

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP ALWAYS REQUIRES SOME DEGREE OF RISK-TAKING MENTALITY, which also always embodies some level of ‘failure’ – in wasted time, money and or reputation. “Neuroeconomics, which studies the role that our brain’s liking & wanting systems play in shaping decisions,... Continue
  • November 12, 2021

    Weekly Report 21-81

  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION can be enhanced by frequent one-on-one ‘OKR check-ins (Objective & Key Results) from Managers. Besides enabling individual worker monitoring & guidance, when combined with frequent team meetings, OKR also helps workers view each other’s objectives/ progress/... Continue
  • November 7, 2021

    Weekly Report 21-80

  • “THE UNPRECEDENTED WILLINGNESS OF WORKERS TO SIMPLY QUIT” has become a critical factor in maintaining business profitability and stability. Employee retention in today’s climate is dependent on providing workers with opportunity for growth & development, according to the most recent... Continue