Weekly Reports

February 25, 2023

Weekly Report 23-13

  • “FLEXIBLE EMPLOYERS WERE A PANDEMIC BLIP… The empathetic, understanding, coddling bosses and perks” are fast disappearing in most professional work sectors, with major layoffs so far this year (over 100K tech industry alone). New workers are being hired in Contract... Continue
  • February 21, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-12

  • NOW, DEFINITAVELY, “THE VALUE OF WEARING MASKS DURING THE PANDEMIC WAS ZERO. The most rigorous analysis of 15 randomized clinical trials by Cochrane (the world’s largest & most respected organization for evaluating health interventions, funded by NIH) concluded that: (1)... Continue
  • February 17, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-11

  • A GREAT MANY BUSINESS OR PERSONAL DISPUTES mask some level of emotional element which underlies the stated issues – often becoming the primary obstacle which precludes sensible resolution. DCG provides Informal Mediation services, a process of coaxing parties to focus... Continue
  • February 13, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-10

  • THINKING ABOUT AND PLANNING FOR DISPOSITION OF ASSETS AT DEATH is a generally unpleasant and procrastinated task. But the time delay and cost of estate distribution to beneficiaries, coupled with uncertainty about age/ maturity/ relationships with heirs at some future... Continue
  • February 8, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-09

  • “THE NATURE OF BUREAUCRATS IS TO REGULATE CONTROL with a singular goal in mind that outweighs any other consideration.” Latest is a new ‘Climate Plan’ cooked up by EPA/ Energy/ Transportation/ Housing Departments which effectively would launch an ‘Emissions Lockdown’... Continue