Weekly Reports September 2023

September 29, 2023

Weekly Report 23-51

  • HIGHER EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE AN OBJECTIVE OF MANAGERS, and many presume that engineering worker friendships is part of their role. But many studies suggest this is a mistake when Managers wade into the business of friend-making, for reasons... Continue
  • September 25, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-50

  • INSTITUTIONAL DEBT, PRIVATE EQUITY, AND NON-EXTORTIVE PERSONAL FUNDING MARKETS ARE INCREASINGLY TIGHTENING, as revenue generation and equity valuations remain strained by office vacancies, hybrid and part-time work, business & family migration, corporate downsizings, and inflationary impacts on capital expenditures, as... Continue
  • September 25, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-49

  • “THE HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT IS THE STORY OF BUREAUCRACY. The Internal Revenue Service is a clogged artery in the beating heart of bureaucracy – processing 150 million business & personal returns every tax season, but with a current backlog of... Continue
  • September 8, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-48

  • EVEN WHEN LEADERSHIP STRATEGY IS WELL-DEVELOPED, IT’S MANAGERS WHO ARE CRITICAL to effectively implementing strategy, by leading their teams toward common objectives and coaxing optimal productivity. Optimally effective Managers generally: (1) Clearly communicate direction & expectations to their staff and... Continue
  • September 1, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-47

  • PERFORMANCE OF MILLENNIAL AND Z-GEN EMPLOYEES WHO CAN MULTI-TASK is generally regarded as optimally efficient, but this is arguable according to various studies. Yearly, over 300 million tweets and two-trillion text messages have affected the mental focus and attention span... Continue