Weekly Reports

May 4, 2013

Weekly Report 13-19

  • “IF THE NOTION THAT A DRIVERLESS CAR IS AROUND THE CORNER SOUNDS FAR-FETCHED, remember that TV and heavier-than-air flying machines once did too… People already travel, unwittingly, on planes and trains that no longer need human drivers” and many autos... Continue
  • April 27, 2013

    Weekly Report 13-18

  • GET READY FOR THE FRENCH WORKWEEK – JUST OVER 27 HOURS – soon coming to America thanks to ObamaCare. As predicted, employers are reacting to the ‘Affordable’ Care Act mandate of costly benefits for employees working over 30 hours a... Continue
  • April 20, 2013

    Weekly Report 13-17

  • THE IMPACT OF JOBLESSNESS CONTINUES TO “SHRED THE SOCIAL FABRIC OF FAMILIES” IN AMERICA. Over the past couple decades, marriage rates have plummeted and out-of-wedlock births increased (to 53% in Hispanic and 72% in African-American communities) which research studies generally... Continue
  • April 13, 2013

    Weekly Report 13-16

  • A REFRESHER ON GEN Y, workers born after 1980 who have vastly different expectations in and from the workplace. Also known as Millennials, they “represent the most over-supervised generation in history… used to having very supportive relationships across the board…... Continue
  • April 6, 2013

    Weekly Report 13-15

  • THE GHOST OF BUBBLES PAST: “History is repeating itself… as financial products that played a role in the economic crisis are coming back. Banks are back to hawking complex derivatives that magnify bets on corporate debt… and set to resume... Continue