January 19, 2021

Weekly Report 21-07

BEYOND THE CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF IMPLEMENTING CYBERSECURITY policies, programs & procedures, a cyber-intrusion insurance policy should be a priority strategic consideration for most companies. 2020 saw an all-time high in Ransomware attacks, with demands up to mega-millions. “Although there have been decades of viruses, breaches and other forms of attack, the increase is attributable to... Continue
January 16, 2021

Weekly Report 21-06

PREVENTING ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE with a non-invasive wearable device which “stimulates the brain to target sense of smell” has been developed by scientists at a New Zealand university. Dementia is the condition where memory & thinking abilities lapse – a result of “tangles & plaque buildup of countless cells & neurons on the brain…most susceptible to... Continue
January 14, 2021

Weekly Report 21-05

AS BUSINESS NORMALITY RESETS, PREMISES LEASE RENEWALS ARE UP FOR GRABS, with often major differences in landlord versus tenant expectations of rental rates & concessions. Beginning the negotiation process early (as much as 9 -12 months in some cases), and especially when supported by a Tenant Rep broker with reality-based market research, have the best... Continue
January 11, 2021

Weekly Report 21-04

SO, WHAT NOW?  “Worn out by riot, arson, looting, plague, lockdown, recession and election fatigue, the country is now facing a number of existential crises that will only exacerbate in months ahead, the biggest being: (1) Still in a recession, massive federal budget deficit with likelihood of additional Trillions to be legislated by the new... Continue
January 8, 2021

Weekly Report 21-03

 THE TREND TO ULTRA-LARGE TOUCHSCREENS IN LUXURY AUTOS can be a “distraction increasing accident risk especially for older drivers,” according to a recent AAA study. So far, Tesla’s 15-inch screen has led the trend, but latest entry is a Mercedes-Benz 2021 S-class model reported to include a “massive 56-inch curved glass ‘Hyperscreen’ dashboard that eschews... Continue