March 24, 2023

Weekly Report 23-18

EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT IS TOUGH ENOUGH, BUT RETENTION IS BECOMING MAYBE EVEN TOUGHER. Execs and supervisors often forfeit opportunities to lessen the risk of workers quitting when they avoid difficult discussions until it’s too late – usually because talking about uncomfortable issues involves vulnerability which can become awkward, disappointing and involve egos. But conflict resolution is a... Continue
March 19, 2023

Weekly Report 23-17

A REMINDER ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING AN UPDATED ‘LIVING’ TRUST’ for purposes including: (1) Avoiding Probate, a Court process where assets can be frozen during an expensive and lengthy process while a judge Administers the Will (or, if no Will, by ‘intestate succession’ laws); (2) Avoiding a Public Record and access to your assets... Continue
March 16, 2023

Weekly Report 23-16

“DUMB & DUMBER CONTINUE TO PLAY OUT ACROSS AMERICA, compliments of the Age of Woke…driving down public school education, curricula standards, and elimination of minimum graduation requirements, all in the name of promoting so-called Equity and Inclusion… Reported in the psychology journal Intelligence, the greatest decline in average American I.Q. for the first time in... Continue
March 10, 2023

Weekly Report 23-15

WORKPLACE CONFLICT OFTEN ARISES WHEN POSTURE OR BEHAVIOR OF OTHERS IS AGGRESSIVE, ARGUMENTATIVE, EVEN BULLYING – like bosses who may be aloof, disengaged, micromanaging, stubbornly set in their ways, and/or also within peer groups where everyone considers themselves a leader (think VPs/ Managers/ Boards/ families). When interactions lead to conflict, dysfunction can impact effectiveness and... Continue
March 5, 2023

Weekly Report 23-14

IN THE NEAR FUTURE, “THE DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP IS LIKELY TO CHANGE DRAMATICALLY” as utilization of artificial intelligence is exploding. While human interaction is today considered critical in most facets of medicine, software is in development which will allow ‘Alexa-esque’ devices to: (1) Enroll patient info and retrieve their details from past electronic health records; (2)... Continue