Weekly Reports November 2023

November 27, 2023

Weekly Report 23-61

  • “OPEN AI IS THE BIGGEST THREAT IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.  Artificial General Intelligence is effectively a machine that can do nearly anything any human can do: anything mental, and through robots, anything physical. This includes deciding what it wants... Continue
  • November 23, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-60

  • MEGA MILLIONS OF AIR TRAVELLERS THIS THANKSGIVING WEEK WILL SET A RECORD. Beware of the ‘Booster Bag’ theft scam: https://biggeekdad.com/2012/10/the-booster-bag-scam/ IN THIS AGE OF ABSENCE IN PRIORITIZATION on crime prevention or corruption of Officials, increasing taxation with wasteful spending on... Continue
  • November 19, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-59

  • CALIFORNIA WINS AGAIN: BOTTOM RANKING AS WORST OF ALL 5O STATES in “return on investment for taxpayers.” A Wallet Hub survey on quality of government services, including education/ health/ safety/ economy/ infrastructure, versus total state & local taxes paid by... Continue
  • November 19, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-58

  • STRATEGIC LEADERS ARE THOSE WHO CAN set goals, recognize the risks and tradeoffs, then invest time, talent & capital to create productivity, profitability and value. “Strategic leaders develop the ability to Think/ Plan/ and Do, by: (1) Understanding new and... Continue
  • November 18, 2023

    Weekly Report 23-56

  • OPTIMIZING BUSINESS GOALS REQUIRES A COMBINATION OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT qualities both in Strategy plus Execution skills. Management involves problem-solving discipline, in which planning, budgeting & process creates intended results; Leadership, in contrast, is about the embrace of change, innovation... Continue